Mental illness is also referred to as mental health disorder, and it is known to be a broad range of mental health disorders which adversely affects your mood, thoughts pattern and your behaviour as well.

A good number of people are usually down with mental health concerns, but they usually have no idea what it is all about exactly. However, mental health concerns transcend to being mental illness when the signs induce regular stress, and the ability to function properly.

Coming down with mental illness has the capacity to make someone miserable, and could introduce problems in the regular life of an individual. It could also cause problems in relationships, financial status, career and a host of others.

The sign and symptoms which are associated with mental illness are quite a number and they vary across individuals who are down with them.

First off, one of the commonest signs of someone who is down with mental illness is, the individual would always feel sad or down. Usually, the person would be left to himself or herself and would always wear a long face. A good number of times, if further enquiries are made, you would discover that the reason for their being sad is actually not too serious.

Also, the person would find it hard to think properly; the ability to concentrate would be greatly reduced, and such person would be prone to making mistakes because he cannot properly direct his thoughts.

In addition to this, the person is also likely to experience unnecessary anxiety and fears, sometimes the individual would express feelings of guilt. Other times, the person would have frequent mood swings.

Someone who is down with mental illness would not be able to cope with the problems and stress which comes with the everyday life. There are also some physical signs which are associated with mental illness. Headaches, back pain, stomach ache and the likes could be experienced as well.

It is advised that someone who is down with mental illness should promptly see a healthcare professional, as it is hard for someone to undergo self-medication or self-treatment when it comes to mental illness treatment.